Saturday, November 10, 2012

Halloween 2012

The newest decor this year:
Idea found on Pinterest.  So clever, yet so simple. 

The pumpkin:

"We can't just get our pumpkin at Kroger, Mom.  It's about the EXPERIENCE."  :-)
Her favorite color:  Sparkles.  So we sparkled the heck out of it.  The bonus:  no gut-scooping!  Score!

Ta Da!  (She looks a little manic here...?)

Church Trunk or Treat:

We made Mummy Cupcakes for the cake walk

Black-eyed P!  :-)

Basically the antithesis of herself---but don't you LOVE the actress in her?  Such sass in this pic, and yet she is NOTHING like this in real life.  So fun!
Trick or treating the neighborhood with Lucy:

Lucy:  "What did I do?" 

The angel and the devil (really should have swapped costumes, methinks)


The loot.  Look carefully at her face---she started getting sick while trick or treating.  You can see it in her eyes.   She asked to come back early, and had showered and was in bed (without eating one piece of candy) by 8:00 p.m.  :-(

Spirit Week!

Every year for Red Ribbon Week our schools have a Spirit Week.  She had fun participating each day.

Day 1:  Mustache Day!  :-)
 It had a little adhesive strip, but we both knew it wouldn't last the day, so we ended up putting the 'stache on a big Popsicle craft stick and she held it up all day.  She actually got a zillion compliments on the pink-ness AND the idea to put it on a stick!

Day 2:  TWIN DAY!

Kendra's bestie, R, moved four hours south of us this year.  :-(  But apparently, they made a pact that when their schools had twin day they would call and coordinate.  They were twins from afar!  Her mom sent me the pic so I could have both of them together!

I think it is extra cute they both chose the hands-on-hips stance, unaware that the other did the same.  :-)

Dress like your favorite era.  I thought Kendra would go with the same old sixties or eighties look like everyone else, but she said, "Mom I just read about Pompeii and I think I want to wear a toga like those people."  Well, it paid off!  On her announcements her Vice Principal was talking about everyone's attire and he said, "And I even saw a cute girl in a toga!"  She was the only toga-attired person, AND she won her class award for most spirit that day!  A friend of mine who does the PTA stuff for the district saw her pic on FB and asked to use it for a district PTA promo, and at the end of the week on her school's announcements they did a recap of spirit week and her picture was on there, too.  Yay for creativity, Kendra!

Day 4:  Wear Red Day.  She did wear red, but we forgot to take a picture!

Day 5:  HAT DAY

I wish they let the kids wear cute hats all the time.  Kendra looks great in them!