Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wrapping up 6th grade!

We are in our last week of school---only two more half-days left!  Whew!  I'm beat (as always) and simply cannot wait for a time in which I feel rested.  Kendra is excited for a jam-packed fun summer, but is a little sad about finishing such an awesome year.  She had remarkable teachers, made amazing friends, and has had simply a GREAT year.

One stand-out (among many!) this year has been choir.  I've blogged about her ridiculously talented choir director before and how impressed I've been with how the choirs sound with a bunch of adolescents whose voices are still working on their final timbre.  Kendra has adored choir and she loves her director.  Some kids don't love her as much--she's very loving but kinda tough.  Hmmm....sounds familiar!  :-)  Anyway, my house has been filled more with music and singing and less with the sounds of TV for a while now--a welcome change.  Kendra's spring concert was totally fun.  They step away from the formal music and put on a show of fun contemporary songs.  This show also included some vocal small groups, and Kendra got to be in one of them.  She was thrilled that she was selected for her first choice--they had to audition for the parts.     Kendra had told me that there was an award given at this concert for Outstanding Choir Student, one to each of the classes (there are two girls' and two boys' classes).  Kendra thought for sure that it was going to be given to one of three girls in her class.  So, there I sat, right in the front row of a packed house, completely unprepared for the photo-opportunity when Kendra was given the award!!!  I gasped audibly, and Kendra had the most funny shocked look on her face, but of course I didn't capture it.  I wasn't shocked because I didn't think she deserved it---I know Kendra is a stellar student and her director loves her.  I was shocked because KENDRA didn't think she'd get it!  Super proud momma moment!!

Waiting for the concert to begin.  Crazy kids.

Kendra also received a medal for her solo in private voice lessons competition
Blurry because I was flailing around trying to get my camera after she won the award!

Kendra with her director, Jennie Crawford

Engraved with her name and everything! 
 Kendra has auditioned for the varsity girls' choir for next year...will find out if she made it on Friday.  We're both excited to hear, as the director said she is only taking about 20 out of the 90 or so girls from her choir.  Kendra feels good about her audition, so we'll see!!  *****May 31st update:  She made Varsity!!! Woo woo!

Truly, it has been a terrific first year of middle school.  If I could thank her teachers three million times each I would.  She got the cream of the crop this year.

"So, Kendra, what are you going to do now that you have finished sixth grade?"
"We're going to DISNEY WORLD!!!"  Stay tuned because yes, we are!  :-)