Sunday, September 30, 2012

Nothing overly blog-worthy, but...

I'm feeling guilty for the great lapses between blog posts because this is an online journal of our lives and I want to remember things!  But honestly, we've been so crazy busy with regular ol' life that I haven't taken any pictures that are blog-worthy!  But there are a few things going on and I should document them, so here goes:
--Kendra is adjusting to middle school life fairly well.  She's made some cute friends, but not a ton simply because there isn't time in the day!  Her eight teachers have only 44 minutes to teach their subject each day, and they use every minute!!!  She has a 4 minute passing period, but there is no time to gab as she has to dash to get to class on time.  They do have free-seating lunch, now, so she's hanging out with some kids there a bit. 
--Kendra has discovered that she likes and is actually pretty good at a sport!  Her first 5 or so weeks of PE were learning volleyball, and she really likes it!   She even bought a volleyball with her own cash and practices by volleying with the house.  :-)  Apparently she is one of the kids that others want on their team---wow!  That never happened to me---I stink at sports!  :-)
--I've been buried in work lately, and only this weekend felt a little less burdened by it all.  We were both under the weather last weekend so we stayed home from church, but I ended up working the whole day---I mean like 11 hours of work with eating sprinkled in here and there.  Ugh.  The work load seems to increase exponentially year after year!  Good thing I like what I do most days!  :-)  No really, I do like my job, and this year my kids are just so sweet.  A really, really nice bunch of kiddos.  They have their hosts of problems, trust me, but they are KIND people.  You can handle a lot of other stuff when they are just nice!  :-)
--Kendra had her first middle school activity night this past Friday.  I was able to volunteer for it, and we both had a blast!  Kendra hooked up with two sweet girls and made the rounds of all the games and food, while I manned the door to the Laser Quest game.  The kids had to wait in a decent sized line for that one, since only three kids could go in at once and they were in for about 2 minutes.  This meant I got to chat with middle school kids while they waited.  They are a trip!  I really had a fantastic time! 
--We've been dealing with a new health issue with Kendra---she's started to have migraine headaches.  I even had to pick her up from school mid-day a few weeks ago because it was so bad.  I took her to the pediatrician who prescribed a more powerful pain pill (Advil wasn't cutting it at all).  She's had one more since that appointment and the pill helped pretty quickly.  We are also trying the chiropractic route.  The xray showed that one of the vertebrae in her neck is rotated about 45 degrees---which explains a lot (and add in the pre-puberty stuff, there ya go!)!  She's had four adjustments in a 12 appointment plan. She did have the 2nd migraine between the 3rd and 4th adjustments, but we know that true results of the treatment won't be known until after the process is complete.  I know chiropractic has helped me a lot (I'm actually jealous of her adjustments---my insurance stinks so I can't afford to do them for me!).  There is family history for migraines on Kendra's dad's side, and Kendra's aunt has had success in using chiropractic for relief of her migraines.  I'd rather not keep having her take medication if this will help! 

Well, that's a lot of text with no pictures, so if anybody made it to the end, well, congrats!  This was mostly for me, but if you read it, thanks for caring about our daily junk!  :-)