Saturday, October 13, 2012

Choir concert #1

Kendra's first middle school choir concert was this week.  It featured the choirs from all three grades--6th, 7th, and 8th.  I volunteered to be a "chaperone", and the director asked me to stand at the auditorium doors preventing the mob of parents from entering before the allowed time.  I got to be a bouncer!  :-)  I also sat amongst the choir children as they waited their turn to go on stage.  I am well qualified for that job---I have no issue using my teacher-face to hush other people's children.  :-)

Kendra was less than enthused with the polyester awesomeness of her required choir couture...

Nice of the gentleman chaperone to smile for my picture, too.  :-)

Giving it her all! 

This is the whole 6th grade combined choir--arrow pointing to Kendra.  HUGE group!
The concert was in the 7th week of school, so they only had six weeks or so to prepare.  The 6th grade girls group is so large they have two different class periods, and the boys have their own class.  They prepared their songs in class, but sang as a whole group only ONCE before the concert-- in a rehearsal just beforehand.  I was very, very impressed!  They sounded excellent!  To be honest, I went with the intention to hide my grimace, expecting pitchy and off-color notes at times, but there was no grimace to hide!  The 7th and 8th grade choirs sounded lovely and it was fun to see what Kendra will be doing as she continues in the music program.  I chose this school for Kendra because of its music reputation, and the concert proved I made a great choice!