Saturday, November 5, 2011

Halloween Festivities

We had several fun opportunities for Kendra to sport her costume this year (which was good, since I went the lazy route and paid for the whole she-bang this year instead of being inventive and creative).

First, we had a little fall carnival thingy in our neighborhood.  Not a whole lot going on...a few cheesy games and a few "vendors" hawking their stuff.  They did have a cake walk, which is Kendra's fave, and also a cute petting zoo.

Kendra must've done the cake walk 10 times and the lady running it finally just had mercy on her and gave her a cupcake!  :-)
The same day we had a fall carnival at church hosted by our Young Women.  Kid games and cake walks were there, too, as well as our church friends!

Coloring a little Halloween bag thingy.

With sweet friend Rapunzel (a.k.a. Cloey)

Best game of the night---marshmallow shooter!  (They Germ-Xed them after each use, of course!)   
I love costumes that are plays on words.  I strung a bunch of snack sized Milky Way candy bars into a circle and wore it.  I was "Center of the Galaxy".  :-)
We also went out on Halloween night, of course.  Usually we hit the streets that are perpendicular to our street--there are three blocks for that, but we've found them to be pretty sparse in the candy department.  This year, we headed to the part of the neighborhood behind our house and hit the Mother Lode.  There was even a house that was cooking hotdogs for the whole neighborhood!  (Too bad I rushed home and cooked dinner before we left!).  We had a great time and Kendra's little plastic pumpkin was filled in no-time flat.  The weather was PERFECT--no need for a jacket at all!  We took Grady with us because I didn't want him to bark the whole night.  I don't think we'll do that again--it wore him out to walk that much!  Every time I'd stop while Kendra went to a house he would plop down and it would be hard to get him moving again!  One of our last houses was some people we know just from walking the neighborhood and they love Grady.   He laid down on their grass and put his muzzle on the shoe of the lady--she even took a picture of him because she thought he was so dang cute.  But when it was time to go, I had to pull and pull and literally dragged him across the grass for a bit before he would stand up!  Crazy hound.